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Authentic. Emotive. Timeless.



As the owner and artist behind Ash & Co., I know that choosing a photographer to capture life's biggest moments is an important decision. With more than 10 years of experience, I have learned that attention to detail, connection and technical skill are just some of the most valuable assets a photographer can have.

To me, photographs are one of the most important treasures we can obtain in our lifetime. I have always loved the emotion provoked by looking at an image whether it be romance, heartbreak, nostalgia or pure joy. 

Being a specialist in portrait, family, wedding and branding photography, I understand deeply that these aren't just pictures; it is an investment in a timeless product. My vision is to find inspiration daily and work from my heart and make yours skip a beat. My aim is to provide timeless memories that will be treasured and passed on for generations.

I am based out of Ogden, Utah and I love shooting all over the state of Utah. Don't be shy to take me where you want to go. I am happy to travel for amazing photos!